Dear friends,

HIGH HOLIDAY SERVICES at Congregation Temple Beth-El  WILL BE SHORTENED  to accommodate the concerns of many congregants over the Covid/Delta virus.  ( We will retain the essence of the Holidays, as well as the mitzvah of the Shofar, while
adding an additional element of prevention, along with masking, spacing, and vaccination requirements.)

The Rosh Hashanah Service  is being rescheduled to about 90 minutes on Day 1 (and 2), (plus a Tashlich service (+ shofar) at the lake.)
YOM KIPPUR  SERVICES will also undergo significant shortening.

The deadline for seat requests is coming up this weekend. A new schedule of the shortened services will be E-mailed and available on our websitewhen completed by the Rabbi and Rituals Committee.

 If reserved attendance is deemed low enough, we may move them back to  our synagogue.  If registration is too low, indoor services will be cancelled, we will still  do an abbreviated Shofar service at the state beach with taschlich.

Thank you for your patience in these matters, and your support.

Larry Seitelman

PS:  checks are not being cashed, as indoor services may be cancelled.  The link to Zoom Hi Holiday Services from Rabbi Elkodsi, from Malverne Jewish Center, will be re-sent with a future E-mail.HIGH HOLIDAY SERVU]ICE