Aug 31 2019

Dear Friends,

It is that time again, as our summer winds down and the High Holidays approach. 

A printable High Holiday SCHEDULE and TICKET ORDER FORM is located on the website. 

Priority is given to paid up members. 

The Due date for seat requests is Monday, September 16th!

A special thanks to our volunteers and attendees, particularly Cindy Shechter, Gerry Solomon, and Len Zimmerman, who help to create a truly unique and meaningful Beth-El experience. Our thanks to Max and Elita Shapiro for the weekly floral arrangements, adding to the beauty of each Shabbat.  

The Shabbat Dinner was a huge success last week thanks to the great efforts and generosity of Moreen Lerner, Esther Golub, Elaine and Aaron Lieberman, and Phylis and Gerry Solomon.   Member sponsorship of the Kiddush- Luncheons has allowed expansion of this popular schmooze to delicious heights. These weekly Shabbat services are needed for the shul to remain vital, and for us to ‘be there’ for our neighbors when needed! Just one more Shabbat Service remains this summer, with Rabbi Marc Ben-Aron officiating and conducting our lunch and learn (Labor Day Weekend), so please plan on joining us.  This week’s fabulous kiddush is sponsored by  Mike and Barbara Kosov, celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary .  

We look forward to observing Rosh Hashanah (Sept 29-Oct 1) and Yom Kippur (Oct 8-9) with all of you. The entire board extends its warmest wishes to you and your family for a very happy and healthy New Year.

L’Shana Tovah,

Larry Seitelman,President

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Aug 04 2019

August 3 – Fabulous Kiddush sponsored by Lenny and Susan Zimmerman

August 10 – Fabulous Kiddush sponsored by Claire Korn

August 17 – Fabulous Kiddush sponsored by Henne & Steve Altman.

Friday, August 23 – ANNUAL SHABBAT DINNER – RSVP (See details above). Wine provided by the Solomons, Challah and Dessert provided by the Dolgin-Lieberman, Golub, Lerner, and Landfish families.

August 24 – Guest speaker during services: Rabbi Ray Scheindlin, Dr. Scheindlin is a Professor of Medieval Hebrew Literature at the Jewish Theological Seminary and a former Guggenheim Fellow. His main field of research is the encounter of Hebrew and Arabic cultures in Spain.

Fabulous Kiddush sponsored by Gerry and Phyllis Solomon. Guest speaker at Lunch and Learn: Rabbi Chuck Diamond, the former Rabbi at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, scene of the worst anti-Semitic incident in US history.

Sunday, August 25 11:00am – ANNUAL CONGREGATION MEETING

August 31 – Fabulous Kiddush sponsored by Michael and Barbara Kossove.

A special thank you to Max and Alita Shapiro who generously provide the beautiful flower arrangements for our Bimah all Summer.

Our Rabbi, R. Mark Ben-Aron is here for the summer. If you need misheberach prayers for someone who is sick, or if you need to speak to him, please give him a call and leave a message, or text him at: 347-424-9745. He can also be reached online at rabbibenaron@gmail.com. High Holidays- Rosh Hashannah starts Sunday Sept. 29, 2019. Information and Reservation forms will be available towards the end of August.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Larry Seitelman, president

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Jun 26 2019

SERVICES START  this weekend:

FRI EVE:  JUNE 28,     @ 8:00 PM

SATURDAY JUNE 29,  @ 9:30 AM

Help us welcome Rabbi Mark ben-Aron.   Bring a friend.

Join us for our ‘Fabulous Kiddush,  sponsored this week by the Shechter Family.

Larry Seitelman

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We Stand With Pittsburgh

Mar 13 2019

Congregation Temple Beth-El consists of people from all walks of life and from many different geographic areas.  The following statement from AJR (Academy for Jewish Religion) is consistent with the sentiment felt by many of us  regarding the recent horrific acts of terror and hate witnessed at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue.  It is posted with their kind permission.

Dr. Lawrence H Seitelman

President and Trustee,

Congr. Temple Beth-El


The Academy for Jewish Religion mourns the tragic loss of life in the horrific hate crime carried out in Pittsburgh this past Shabbat. We stand with Temple Tree of Life, the larger Pittsburgh Jewish community and Jewish communities throughout the world as we confront this unspeakable horror perpetrated against innocent individuals engaged in prayer and conversation with each other and with the Divine.

This is not the first act of violence that stems from and speaks to the tremendous polarization in our country. We struggle to make sense of this tragedy, and as we do so, some of us are led to our polarized corners. We all have strong feelings, and there is legitimacy and possibly hope in many of our reactions.

At this moment, however, we at AJR stand as a bastion of pluralism in the midst of a divided country. We cherish diversity and the other, we strive to understand each other and we actively push each other to think outside our own boxes and our own bubbles. Therefore we do not take this opportunity to cast blame on various segments of our society beyond the individual perpetrators of these crimes. We come forward at this time to say that we believe in a world where our strength can stem from our diversity, and where our willingness to speak with and engage with the “other,” each of us created in the Divine Image, is a first step toward healing and hope.

Dr. William Liss-Levenson
Chair, Board of Trustees

Dr. Ora Horn Prouser
Executive Vice President

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DUES NOTICE Winter 2019

Mar 13 2019

Dear Friends,

            We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit.   Once again, we wish to thank all of you who attended services, joined us for the Shabbat dinner, sponsored a Kiddush, made donations or contributed in some other manner that helped maintain a traditional Jewish presence in Bethel during our 95th year of continuous operation. 

            2018 was a busy and satisfying year for our congregation.  Our 8th Annual Shabbat Dinner was a sellout, we had minyan level attendance for most Shabbat services, and were blessed with another full house for High Holiday services. Summer services and the popular ‘Lunch and Learn’, were led by Rabbi Mitchell Blank.  Rabbi Neal Loevinger officiated for the High Holidays again. Dr. Lenny Zimmerman again volunteered his cantorial expertise throughout the summer and the High Holidays.  Our thanks also to Cindy Shechter and Gerry Solomon for their help throughout the summer.  Congregants again stepped up to sponsor delicious ‘Kiddushim‘, and volunteered their services,  enhancing the warmth and charm that make our synagogue so special!  Thank you all for your generosity.  On a sad note, long time supporters and Board members Larry and Lenore (Lenni ) Schwartz, will be staying in Florida year round, and will be missed.

                As in previous years, the New Year brings new challenges, and we need to continue maintaining, upgrading, and building upon that which came before.  Our synagogue required unexpected structural work, and delayed many of our plans for new cushions and carpeting. We are still planning for an additional memorial (yizkor) board.

Fundraising is ongoing, and all contributions are greatly appreciated. 

                We hope you will again find it in your hearts to renew your membership for 2019, and find the time next summer to attend a few Shabbat services.  Please e-mail me at lhseitel@aol.com,   Mary-Ellen at meseitel@aol.com, or call (518) 339-3219 to find out how you can help.   The schedules for services, activities, and holiday services will be circulated when available, and posted on our web site www.congregationtemplebethel.com

**DUES REMAIN AT A VERY REASONABLE 125.00/ FAMILY.  It is your dues and donations that sustain our historic synagogue.

Please call Mary-Ellen (518) 339-3219, or e-mail   meseitel@aol.com with any questions.

**  Includes cemetery privileges as specified in the bylaws.

Please return your $125.00 check to:                  

Congregation Temple Beth-El

c/o Mary-Ellen Seitelman

9798 Harbour Lake Circle

Boynton Beach, Florida, 33437

AFTER APRIL 1, 2019, please use this address:

P.O. Box 539

Kauneonga Lake, NY  12749

Very sincerely,   

Larry Seitelman,  President                                    

P.S.  Please let us know of any changes to your address(es), phone #’s, e-mail, etc.

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Sep 17 2018

Reminder for Erev Yom Kippur..

Kol Nidre starts at 6:45 PM  Tues Sept 18th.    Please be there a little early, because service should start on time.  (For the Torahs to come out, there needs to be a minyon)

Wed,morning services begin @ 9:00 AM   We need a minyon so that services can proceed as per schedule.  If you can, please come on time.

HANDICAP PARKING NOTICE:   If you are blessed and able to walk from the other parking areas, including front lawns,  please leave handicapped parking (and the areas around the handicap parking area needed for turnaround at the upper side entrance) for those who really need it.   We had congregants who were not able to attend Rosh Hashannah services because they were not able to access the upper area.  If you can drop someone off, and park elsewhere…PLEASE DO!.     Thank you for your cooperation.

We look forward to seeing you.

And for those who will not be attending, we wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Larry Seitelman

President, Congregation Temple Beth-El

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Aug 16 2018




The new starting time was approved as a trial by the board of directors to make Friday night services more accessible.
(Some congregants expressed concern that 8 PM sometimes interrupted family dinners).

Saturday Services will remain at 9:30 AM



Elaine and Aaron LIEBERMAN, Doris and Esther GOLUB and Moreen LERNER-LANDFISH

will be again be followed by our FABULOUS LUNCH AND LEARN led by Rabbi Mitchell Blank….a spirited discussion of Jewish Ethics and tradition.

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The Annual Shabbat Dinner

Aug 16 2018

August 16, 2018

The Congregation’s Annual Shabbat Dinner was a huge success this summer.
This year’s evening of tradition and camaraderie was again the result of so many of our volunteers planning, preparing, shopping, picking up, serving, and cleaning up. Many thanks to all who helped and participated.

 Rabbi Mitchell Blank leads the traditional ‘Benching’, or ‘Birkat’ after the meal.

Shabbat Dinners at the Shul were most recently reintroduced and planned in 2010 by our Congregational leader at that time, Rabbi Robert Kasman, with the help of his wife . It has become one of the most popular events each summer, featuring traditional Kosher chicken dinners with all the trimmings.

 Candle Lighting Before Services.

 A surprise birthday party for Rabbi Mitchell served up by his wife, Rose.

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High Holiday Seating

Aug 05 2018

Dear Friends,

As the season progresses,  we hope you and your families are enjoying another summer in Sullivan County.  Congregation Temple Beth-El, remains  a unique stalwart of Conservative Egalitarian Jewish tradition in the ‘Borscht Belt’.

 Rabbi Mitchell Blank with the cantorial assistance of Dr. Len Zimmerman continue Shabbat services thru Labor Day weekend. Shabbat services, followed by our ‘Fabulous  Kiddush’  and socializing, have been attracting folks from in and around the area. Rabbi Mitchell’s  ‘Kiddush and Learn’ discussion series on Jewish Ethics are well attended and appreciated. Rabbi Neal Loevinger will be returning for the High Holiday Services.

A special thanks to our volunteers and attendees, particularly Cindy Shechter, Gerry Solomon, and Len Zimmerman, who help to create a truly unique and meaningful Beth-El experience. Weekly floral arrangements provided have added to the beauty of each Shabbat. Our thanks to Max and Elita Shapiro.   Member sponsorship of the Kiddush- Luncheons has allowed expansion of this popular schmooze to delicious heights. These weekly Shabbat services are needed for the shul to remain vital, and for us to ‘be there’ for our neighbors when needed! Just a few Shabbats remain this summer, so plan on joining us.

Please be aware that the holidays fall early this year, and we may have space issues.  We have selected an early deadline for receiving completed requests and checks so that additional seating downstairs (rec hall) might be considered by the Board of Directors.

High Holiday seat requests MUST BE RECEIVED BY  Monday, August 20, 2018 to allow appropriate planning. 


Thank You for your cooperation!

Larry Seitelman

We hope you are planning to join us.  For tickets, please fill out the form and mail to the address above by Aug 20th.  Questions? call Mary-Ellen Seitelman (518) 339-3219.  Non-members may purchase seats pending availability.


———————- ——————— ——————- ——-




Phone #  Winter____________________Summer______________________Cell_____________________

If you have not yet paid your 2018 dues, please do so.    SEATING IS LIMITED.  PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WILL BE HERE

FOR JUST ONE HOLIDAY.   [__] Only Rosh Hashanah    [__] Only Yom Kippur  check IF applicable

Dues: (125.00)

High Holiday Seats                                       

Members                _______ X  35.00    ____________ (Includes dependent children)

Members’  Family  _______X  45.00     ____________

Non-members        _______ X  75.00     ____________  (pending availability)

*Donation                                                        ____________

                                                     Total         ___________

(Please make checks payable to Congregation Temple Beth-El)

Planning on attending Break the Fast?      YES   [__]          NO  [__]  please check one

* We have kept our dues/ticket fees low but our expenses have increased.  Donations would be greatly appreciated.

The schedule of services is as follows:


Erev Rosh Hashanah

Sunday, September 9th

Ma’ariv                                  8:00 pm

Candle Lighting                    7:01 pm

Rosh Hashanah            1st day    Monday, September 10th

Morning Service                    9:00am

Tashlich at State Launch     6:00pm

Mincha-Ma’ariv                     6:30pm

Rosh Hashanah             2nd Day  Tuesday, September 11th

Morning Service                    9:00am

Mincha                             To Be Announced

Erev Yom Kippur                             

Tuesday, September 18th

Kol Nidre                               6:45pm

Candle Lighting                      6:46pm

Yom Kippur                                       

Wednesday, September 19th

Morning Service                    9:00am

Yizkor    Approximately     11:00am

Mincha  (Book of Jonah)    4:45pm

Neilah                                      6:15pm

Shofar                                      7:30pm

Join us immediately following services to break the fast.

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2018 Shabbat Dinner

Jul 25 2018



Congregation Temple Beth-El

3531 Route 55    PO Box 539

Kauneonga Lake,   NY 12749

WHEN: Friday, August 10, 2018 – 6:00 PM

WHERE:  3531 Route 55, Kauneonga Lake, NY

PRICE:     $20 for Adults   $10 kids under 12

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