Dear Friends,

Wishing all a HAPPY 2024. For more than a decade, (two decades?) it has been my privilege to represent the Board of Directors and Trustees of Congregation Temple Beth-El, present an organizational update and ask for your continued support of our historic and singularly unique synagogue. I am confident that the significance of maintaining a Traditional Egalitarian house of worship and cemetery in town is understood by the members of our Congregation, as well as the realization that if it is allowed to disappear, as did so many of the other historic institutions of the Borscht Belt, it would not be recoverable. Folks have returned to the Town of Bethel looking for their old bungalows, hotels, delicatessens, drug store, and general stores only to find that Congregation Temple Beth-El was the only existing building they recognized! We thank you for your continued support as we enter our second hundred years of service to the community.

Despite the many uncertainties in our world these days, I am happy to report that our Congregation will, for the 101st year, hold services at our landmark synagogue for the Summer and High Holidays. Last summer, as the pandemic waned, services continued to return to a state of normalcy, with Shabbat Services Fri nights and Saturdays, complete with our fabulous lunch and learns. Rabbi Neal Loevinger and Cantor Lenny Zimmerman, (along with his daughters Rebecca and Leah), again provided traditional High Holiday services that were warm, inviting, and a most enjoyable way to mark the end of the season and those solemn occasions. A centennial-worthy ‘break the fast’ and mid-season ‘centennial luncheon’ at the synagogue were well attended, and topped off with presentation of a NYS Legislative Proclamation noting the historic contributions and significance of our Congregation by our area’s legislative Representative, the Honorable Aileen Gunther. A landmark Centennial Journal was well supported and received, thanks to our committee members Mike Kossove, Elaine Lieberman, Mary-Ellen Seitelman, & Larry Seitelman.

As our historic synagogue and Congregation enters our 101st year, it remains the last operating Conservative Shul in the ‘Borscht Belt’. Like all institutions, it requires continual funding to survive. As we await another lovely summer in the Catskills, the synagogue and Rabbinical apartment are undergoing extensive repairs (including roofing and structural) resulting from 100 years of service to the community. We hope you will continue your generous support and participation so that we can maintain and upgrade this wonderful temple and cemetery for future generations.

DUES have been increased slightly to 180.00/ FAMILY. It is your dues and donations that sustain our historic synagogue. (Includes cemetery privileges as specified in the bylaws).

Please call Mary-Ellen (518) 339-3219, or e-mail meseitel (at) aol.com with any questions.

Please return your $180.00 check to:

c/o Mary-Ellen Seitelman
9798 Harbour Lake Circle
Boynton Beach, FL 33437

After May 1, 2024, send checks to:
P.O. BOX 645 (NOTE THIS NEW P.O. BOX Number)
Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

Very sincerely,
Larry Seitelman, President

Ira Shechter, Vice Pres.
Mary-Ellen Seitelman, Treasurer
Henne Altman, Secretary

P.S. Please let us know of any changes to your address(es), phone numbers, e-mail, etc.