Winter 2021 Dues Letter

Dear Friends;

We hope you can see light at the end of this past year’s darkness. The new years (both the Hebrew and the English versions) present opportunities to ‘turn the page’, and look forward to better times, and better selves. With multiple vaccines becoming widely available, we can anticipate the day when Congregation Temple Beth-El will open its doors again for services and events. Rest assured that we will do so only when the medical experts and civil authorities advise it is safe, and provide guidelines as to how best to protect our attendees. But I write you with the great hope that we will be able to do so sometime this summer.

It was not an easy decision to keep the doors closed this past summer, but I believe that it was the most prudent decision for our community. We were most fortunate that our Rabbi, Neal Loevinger, was willing to assist in any way possible to keep our congregation connected, and did so by continuing his popular educational series on Jewish law and ethics on Zoom Meeting with many of us, and continuing to offer his services. We are grateful for his dedication to the spirit of our congregation, and look forward to seeing him again soon.

As our historic synagogue and Congregation approaches our centennial year (2023), it remains the last operating Conservative Shul in the ‘Borscht Belt’. Like all institutions, it requires continual funding to survive. We hope you will continue your generous support and participation so that we can maintain and upgrade this wonderful facility (and cemetery) for future generations.

This summer, we will be forming committees to plan and assist in our 2023 centennial celebration. If you would like to help, be sure to contact a Board member.

DUES REMAIN AT 150.00/ FAMILY. It is your dues and donations that sustain our historic synagogue. (Includes cemetery privileges as specified in the bylaws).

Please call Mary-Ellen (518) 339-3219, or e-mail with any questions.

Please return your $150.00 check to: CONGREGATION TEMPLE BETH-EL
c/o Mary-Ellen Seitelman
9798 Harbour Lake Circle
Boynton Beach, FL 33437

After April 1, 2021:

P.O. BOX 539
Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

Very sincerely,
Larry Seitelman, President

Very sincerely,
Larry Seitelman, President