DUES NOTICE Winter, 2018

Jan 17 2018

Dear Friends,

We hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit. Once again, we wish to thank all of you who attended services, joined us for the Shabbat dinner, sponsored a Kiddush, made donations or contributed in some other manner that helped maintain a traditional Jewish presence in Bethel during our 94th year of continuous operation. 2017 was a busy and satisfying year for our congregation. We held our 7th Annual Shabbat Dinner, had minyan level attendance for most Shabbat services, and were blessed with another full house for High Holiday services.

Rabbi Neal Loevinger officiated again, and our resident Cantor, Dr. Lenny Zimmerman who volunteered his services throughout the summer, graced us with his cantorial expertise for the High Holidays. Our thanks also to Cindy Shechter and Gerry Solomon for their help throughout the summer, and Evan and Freda Eisenberg for their assistance. Congregants again stepped up to sponsor delicious ‘Kiddushim’, enhancing the warmth and charm that make our synagogue so special! Thank you all for your generosity.

As in previous years, the New Year brings new challenges, and we need to continue maintaining, upgrading, and building upon that which came before. We are planning for an additional memorial (yizkor) board and new seat cushions. Fundraising is ongoing, and all contributions are greatly appreciated.

We hope you will again find it in your hearts to renew your membership for 2018, and find the time next summer to attend a few Shabbat services. Please e-mail me at lhseitel@aol.com, Mary-Ellen at meseitel@aol.com, or call (518) 339-3219 to find out how you can help. The schedules for services, activities, and holiday services will be circulated when available, and posted on our website.

**DUES REMAIN AT A VERY REASONABLE 125.00/ FAMILY. It is your dues and donations that sustain our historic synagogue.

Please call Mary-Ellen (518) 339-3219, or e-mail meseitel@aol.com with any questions.

** Includes cemetery privileges as specified in the bylaws.

Please return your $125.00 check to: Congregation Temple Beth-El
c/o Mary-Ellen Seitelman
P.O. Box 539
Kauneonga Lake, NY 12749

Very sincerely,


Larry Seitelman, President


P.S. Please let us know of any changes to your address(es), phone #’s, e-mail, etc.

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