Letter From Our President

Aug 18 2014

Dear Friends,

The summer is flying by.  We have had the pleasure of having Susan Elkodsi serve as our spiritual leader.  Her melodies and Torah interpretations have brought  renewed appreciation to the services.  If you haven’t had a chance to hear her, she will be leading remaining Shabbat services  and the High Holidays.  Shabbat services have been attracting folks from surrounding areas, and are typically followed by an enjoyable  Kiddush and socializing. These weekly Shabbat services are needed for the shul to remain vital, and for us to ‘be there’ for our neighbors when needed!

At our annual congregation meeting, President Marc Lerner’s resignation was regretfully accepted. Marc has sustained, maintained, and guided the congregation for as long as anyone can remember, and was recognized with a lifetime of service award at our 90th anniversary gala last year. He remains chairman of the Congregation’s Perpetuation Trust, and will hopefully remain active as ‘President Emeritus’ for many years to come. Larry Seitelman was elected as President and Ira Shechter as Vice President.  Secretary Henne Altman and Treasurer Mary-Ellen Seitelman were re-elected.  Susan Zimmerman joined the board and Marvin Epstein became a Trustee.  An immensely generous gift has provided for much needed electrical service upgrades, and we are still working on improving handicapped access, new seat cushions, synagogue windows, and other items.

The 4th annual Shabbat Dinner was a huge success.  Just about 40 people came together for food, schmoozing and services, making for a wonderful Shabbat.  Many thanks to all of our volunteers.

On a sad note, the congregation mourns the passing of three long time supporters and friends;  Blanche Feller,  Arthur Grodner and Millie Wasserlauf.  Blanche, a former president of the shul, and Millie, a director, were both active in every aspect of the congregation’s affairs, and recognized at the 90th anniversary gala as members of original founding families of the shul, sustaining it since their families helped build it.  The Grodners have been supporting members for many years.  Our sincerest condolences go out to these three families.

We look forward to observing Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur with all of you. The entire board extends its warmest wishes to you and your family for a very happy and healthy New Year.

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L’Shana Tovah,


Larry Seitelman,  president

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