This Sunday Morning 10am: Sharing our thoughts and feelings

Aug 01 2014

Shalom all,

Judaism teaches the sanctity of human life, no matter whose it is. Today is day 26/27 of Operation Protective Edge, the name given to Israel’s war against Hamas. As truces and ceasefires are violated and violence continues, the death toll rises on both sides.

Here in the US we can talk about the situation, we can pray, and we can hope that there will soon be an end to this war. We can write to our congressmen and urge their support for Israel. We can also let media outlets know when their reports of the events are biased.

I would like to invite everyone to come to the shul on Sunday morning at 10am to talk and share our feelings in a safe, non-political space. I apologize for the short notice, but hope you’ll consider joining me, and please feel free to bring others who might want to share. In addition to having an outlet for our feelings, we’ll have a  brief time for prayer and appropriate songs.

Our tradition and our teachings offer us tools to cope with difficult situations; I hope we can come together to support each other.

Wishing you a shabbat shalom,


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